As dramatic climate change and the extinction crisis are becoming more visible every day, a new movement has sprung up around the world to demand urgent action. We need to stop focussing solely on economic growth and start looking at what sort of society and environment we are leaving to our children and grandchildren. This requires new leaders and there is growing evidence that these new leaders are emerging, a New 1%.

Transitioning into this new leadership 1% requires us to take small, continues actions in our daily lives and become much more conscious consumers about what we buy and what impacts these purchases have beyond instant gratification.

One way you can show your leadership and support for this new thinking is by helping innovative NGOs, such as Nature Needs More, that are not taking a business as usual approach. Nature Needs More tackles the demand for wildlife products and the trade in wildlife from the principle that ‘less is more’ – less consumption and less trade need to be the objective of all conservation efforts.

Support Nature Needs More by participating in our annual global tea party for wildlife, the Style Icon Afternoon Tea. This month-long event raises awareness of the current plight of our wildlife icons and raises funds for Nature Needs More as we push for drastic changes to the current model of legally (and illegally) trading wildlife into extinction. We are prepared to fight this battle on a global scale, but we need your support. Currently only 0.3% of non-government donations go to wildlife conservation. By joining the Style Icon Afternoon Tea, you will contribute to programs slowing down the consumption and loss of wildlife.

Between the 1st November and the 30th November 2019, in cities, towns and villages around the world we are asking style icons, of all ages, to join us for a global tea party for wildlife. Let’s remember, style isn’t what you wear or how you look, it is defined by how you think, the decisions you make and the actions you take, or at least it should be!

By participating in this global style icon afternoon tea party, we're not only being part of this fantastic international group, but we're raising funds and awareness for the world’s iconic wildlife.

Take personal action in Leading Society to help the natural world and protect it for your children, grandchildren and future generations.

Whatever your preference, formal, casual, workplace, themed etc get together with family, friends, colleagues and classmates and be a part of this global event

Get Started

In 2017 the World Customs Organisation estimated that the illegal trade in endangered species was worth up to US$260 Billion annually and this illegal trade continues to grow at 2-3 times the pace of the global economy.

Though the main focus will be in November, you can start raising funds as soon as you have registered your event. Whatever your preference the key thing is that you enjoy your event, have a fantastic time and thank you for thinking about our wildlife icons. We can’t imagine a world without them.

The fundraising tally for the 2019 event will be published on the 1st December 2019.


Will You Have Afternoon Tea For Me?



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