I was made to do it!

By Scott & Leonie Grundlingh-Patman Join Me

Why my sister made me do it.

As you know my sister is involved in the preservation of wildlife...tackling the extinction crisis. 

She has nagged me relentlessly to host a Style Icon Afternoon Tea so she can continue working with her collaborative parnters, Nature Needs More. 

Leonie is South African and we've just returned from a magnificent holiday - we saw so many wonderful animals and we can't imagine a world without them. 

Despite this, I've been really busy and haven't bothered to host anything - so my sister has done it for me. 

Now she's done it, please give generously so there's real hope for the world'd iconic species. 

Many thanks, Scott and Leonie 

I'm participating in the Style Icon Afternoon Tea

I have been told to do something to tackle the global extinction crisis and to participate in the global tea party for wildlife, the Style Icon Afternoon Tea. I won't be hosting an event (because I'm too busy) but happy to host a virtual tea party as I know that wildlife is being traded into extinction.

The Style Icon Afternoon Tea is an initiative of Nature Needs More to raise funds for innovative projects tackling the international trade and trafficking in the world’s wonderful wildlife – I can’t imagine a world without them, can you?

I'd love your support. Thank you for being fabulous and please give generously (or my sister will kill me)!

Thank you to my Supporters


Ken And Jane Symons

This donation is by Ken and Jane Symons, mum's cousins in the UK.




Catherine Daniels

Great job guys xx


Stephen Galvin

Hey guys wish I could afford more. Your sister is doing a fantastic job I just wish politicians would fight harder.