High Tea with that special someone at Queen Victoria Building

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I'm tackling illegal trade in the world’s wonderful wildlife

Life has been a rush since we arrived in Australia just a few months ago. New country, new city, new home and new jobs.

So when Cicilia and I heard about the afternoon raising funds to tackle the wildlife trade, we thought it was a great excuse to take some time out together and help wildlife. We both originate from South Africa, so we know the terrible impact of poaching and the illegal wildlife trade. We think Nature Needs More’s approach in tackling the demand and ensuring transparency in the legal trade are great ideas, so we were both happy to help.

Finding somewhere for afternoon tea wasn’t hard, we were spoilt for choice! We settled on the Palace Tea Room at the Queen Victoria Building and it was great.

Given the afternoon tea was about supporting wildlife, it meant that we talked about and reconnected to some of the really amazing wildlife experiences we have had over the years. Our last experience in the Kruger National Park was an experience we would never forget.

We spent a week in the Kruger and it was as if all the animals came to bid us farewell before our move. During our week's stay, we were fortunate enough to have seen so many animals, big and small and four of the big five. The only animal we desperately wanted to see but did not, was a rhino. We didn't expect to encounter any of them given their numbers are dwindling. However, as we were leaving the park on our last day (very emotional because we did not know if we would ever have the opportunity to return), 200 meters from the exit gate, out of the bushes appeared a beautiful rhino. It looked straight at us, strong, confident and proud. We spent a precious moment admiring it, delighted that it would be the last animal we see on our Kruger trip but also very concerned that it might be the last wild rhino we ever see. He turned around and disappeared back into the bushes and we left the park, grateful and amazed about the fortunate experience we had.  

It was great to take this time and we encourage others to do the same –take time out, reflect and make a donation to help Nature Needs More tackle the trade in endangered species.

We’ll be back next year for the 2020 event. Good luck with the work and we hope you like the photos of our tea and the last rhino we saw!

Event Information

Saturday 09th November - 14:00
Queen Victoria Building, Sydney NSW, Australia

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Werner Kruger